Mount Laguna Cabin owners, residents and friends dedicated to the art of turning beer, wine and liquor into urine, promoting friendship and goodwill while doing so.


So you retire or plan to soon. then what? weekly golf?? travel?? cooking school and full contact stamp collecting??

Most of you reading this have or always wanted a mountain cabin retreat to escape from the work place woe’s that still haunt you. Ok, great!! so now you have a great hide-a-way tucked in the woods, have been able to catch up on your reading, knitting or whatever,,,,,,but then you say to yourself,,,self, let’s share this pristine solitude with friends and neighbors and have a party……

Thus, the MLCE was formed to fill this void and enjoy the company and companionship with your friends and families of the Mount Laguna cabin owners and local folks as well. We will participate in most of the special events on the mountain each year, usually 3 or 4 gatherings as, yes, they go a long way………….sure beats the hell out of day time T.V.—–

MLCE Web Programmer

The MLCE Web Programmer. Man, these computer techs keep getting younger every year…

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